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$7K, Your Way. 

Clarity Home Lending is excited to announce for a limited time our special '$7K, Your Way' program which contributes $6,500 towards your down payment or closing costs, plus $500 towards your appraisal for eligible borrowers. This grant is designed to help make homeownership more accessible and affordable for individuals and families looking to purchase a new home. With this generous grant, qualified borrowers can substantially reduce the amount of money needed upfront to secure their dream home. This initiative is part of Clarity Home Lending's ongoing commitment to providing innovative and inclusive solutions to help individuals achieve their homeownership goals.

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$6,500 Towards Your Down Payment of Closing Costs

A real game changer! Clarity Home Lending will provide $6,500 towards your down payment or closing costs. This is a genuine grant - no repayment required, no second mortgage, and no higher interest rates. Just a $6,500 gift from Clarity Home Lending to you.

$500 reimbursement of your appraisal. 

Throughout the lending process, we will arrange for a professional appraisal of your home to confirm that its value meets or exceeds the sales price. While you will be responsible for covering the initial appraisal fee, please note that we can reimburse you up to $500 of this cost at the time of closing.

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Complimentary Home Warranty

After you've signed a contract for your new home, you have the option to choose a home warranty from any provider. We'll reimburse you up to $500 for the home warranty at closing.

Great rates

Our '$7K, Your Way' program stands apart from other down payment assistance or grant programs, as it does not increase interest rates in exchange for providing assistance with down payments or closing costs. Instead, it offers a traditional 30-year fixed mortgage at current interest rates, along with a complimentary $6,500 towards your down payment of closing costs, up to $500 of appraisal reimbursement, and up to $500 reimbursement for a home warranty.

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See if you qualify.

1) Are you a first time homebuyer?

Our '$7K, Your Way' program is limited to first time homebuyers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. If you are a first time homebuyer, continue below:

2) Is your credit score above 680?

Borrowers looking to take advantage of our '$7K, Your Way', program must have a credit score above 680. If you're below 680, please reach out and we can connect you with one of our credit repair specialists to then get you qualified for the program. 

3) Do you currently reside in a Homeready Area?

Our '$7K, Your Way' program is limited to Borrowers who CURRENTLY live in an eligible tract (must have two forms of proof showing this is your current residence). To check if you're eligible, press the link below, and enter your address to see if you're eligible for 'HomeReady First':


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So just to confirm, qualification of the '$7K, Your Way' Program is based off where I live now? I can buy a home anywhere?

That is correct! Eligibility for the program is based on your current home address. You will need to provide two forms of proof of your current residence. These can include drivers licenses, utility bills, Verification of Rent Certificate, Phone bill, Car registration, etc.

And yes, the property you purchase can be anywhere within Dallas-Fort Worth. 

Do townhomes qualify? Is there a minimum purchase price?

Single Family homes, Townhomes, and Condos are eligible properties for the program. Mobile homes or modular homes do not qualify. Additionally, while there is no minimum loan amount, the maximum loan amount cannot exceed the current Conventional Confirming loan limit of $766,550.

Are there any additional qualifications?

The eligibility requirements listed above apply to the '$7K, Your Way' program. Please note that in addition to meeting these requirements, you must also qualify for a traditional Conventional mortgage in order to receive the promotion.

I'm self-employed, am I eligible?

Self-employed individuals are welcome to apply! Please be prepared to provide your last two years of tax returns for us to calculate your average income for loan consideration.

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