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Self-Employed (Non-QM) Loans

Take advantage of multiple loan products that offer more transparency to allow self-employed borrowers to qualify, simply by providing personal or business bank statements instead of income documents or transcripts.

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10% Down

You don't need 20 or 25% to get an non-QM loan with Clarity Home Lending. Our non-QM loans start at just 10% down payment. 

Our non-QM loans are intended for owner-occupied properties only. Investors and Landlords cannot use this product to finance a home.

Documents Required

Documents on non-QM home loans vary from borrower to borrower depending on circumstances and what type of work you do and how you file your income taxes. Its best to connect with a Clarity Home Lending Loan officer to review your profile and inform you of what documents we will require. 

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Loan Size

Loan amounts must be above $250,000 and up to $2,000,000 for our non-QM loans. 

DTI (Debt-to-income)

Our max DTI ratio is 50% for our non-QM borrowers.


Your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) is all your monthly debt payments divided by your gross monthly income. This number is one way lenders measure your ability to manage the monthly payments to repay the money you plan to borrow. Different non-QM loan products and lenders will have different DTI limits ranging from 43-48%, so we are excited to offer a product above the "norm". 

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